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@Zerin: I would like to briefly point out that most animals famous for having 'good' night vision only have good vision at night compared to... y'know, being blind.

Night vision almost always suffers from one or more of the below weaknesses:

Difficulty seeing colors (color blindness)
Greatly reduced 'visual acuity' (That thing you find out when you get vision tests. 20/20 or 20/40 whatever.)
Inability to see directly in front of the eyes (requiring one to learn to look about 15-20 degrees off center.)
Difficulty detecting things that aren't moving.
Hallucinations that objects that aren't moving appear to move.
Delay in transitioning from day to night vision

Humans... actually suffer from all of the above to some degree. |D An animal with exceptional night vision might only suffer from about half of them. Frogs for instance have excellent night vision, but are practically blind if their prey sits still and have difficulty seeing colors. They may also have some degree of the other issues that we are not aware of.

MOST animals that are referred to as having excellent night vision get this praise just by avoiding the second symptom, as that's the most devastating limitation Night Vision has for say humans.

It's also noteworthy that if your character has slit pupils, their eyes will emit a faint twinkle in the dark~

...I know this stuff because I totally study animal biology when I go to make anthropomorphic characters. |D I enjoy integrating their traits into a humanoid. 'Tis fun to me.