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I'm updating Lucia's team. Diana gained three levels for fighting Mienfoo and fainting against him. Diana learned Iron Defense.

Species: Scizor
Nickname: Roberto
Lvl: 22
Gender: Male
Moves: Sandstorm, Protect, Metal Claw, Steel Wing, Safeguard, Hyper Beam.

Species: Absol
Nickname: Samuel
Gender: Male
Moves: Rain Dance, Protect, Shadow Ball, Ice Beam, Thunder, Flamethrower.

Species: Combusken
Nickname: Tyro
Lvl: 27
Gender: Male
Moves: Double Kick, Peck, Focus Energy, Flamethrower, Bulk Up, Double Team.

Species: Aron
Nickname: Diana
Lvl: 18
Gender: Female
Moves: Mud-Slap, Harden, Metal Claw, Headbutt, Tackle, Iron Defense.
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