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Quote originally posted by CarefulWetPaint:
Welcome FlyingHatTrick!
What was the first instrument you started playing, how old were you, and how did you get interested in playing that instrument?
Also I know the feeling, sometimes I dont like playing infront of people, I use to hate it but I dont care as much anymore, I usually play at work to try and get people to come into the shop >.<.
The violin is a majestic instrument, do you play it in a band or just lone wolf it??
[s]Which ones is the string bass again?
I started playing violin when I was around 7, I think. Been at for about 6 years but this year I had to stop actively playing it so I could concentrate on my clarinet and string bass. As for why I picked the violin, my parents offered me a choice between the violin or the piano. In all respects, should've picked the piano because I now absolutely fail in bass clef.

Gotta love my clarinet though. It's fun to play on for me and I get to join a lot more ensembles to play stuff like marches and overtures.
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