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You, hinkage, are a true inspiration to hackers, I think I'm loving this more than 2Awesome! I loved all of the references in the intro video and extra kudos for the music choice, but the one reference that made me laugh out loud was the NPC named Richard Castle, I would've never thought of that! XD

I'm really adoring some of the big-time changes you're implementing in this hack that set it apart from other ROM hacks and even more so from the official canon.

I suggested to Koolboyman to check out your Pokémon 2Awesome via Twitter, because I think he'll take a liking to the storyline's originality even with the graphical abnormalities in the game.

Your hacks have made me want to emulate your hacking style because I enjoy playing it so much, and see myself greatly enjoying making my own like this (hopefully it will offset the tediousness of creating trainers and scripts in my hacks :P)

Please keep up the good work!
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