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I cannot believe I'm actually doing this. For those who has been begging me to post pictures of myself..Y'ALL OWE ME!

Drag it

These photos are literally back in 2008-ish. In case you haven't noticed, my style of clothing/appearance wasn't the same back then as it is now. Let alone having my hair down in one of the photo with Hilary Duff..I would hate to have my hair down and be in public. I'm seriously worst than a girl when it comes to hair..going into public and whatnot. No lie :X

So favorite Senior Picture, to messing around with my webcam and acting like I'm watching over New York, to playing Double Ladder Ball with my best friend, whom I try to convince to come on PC and sign up but is way to lazy to :X All from 2010, yes, that's Hilary Duff in my background in the New York photo haha. I haven't had Pop Tarts in a long time either :X

These ones are very much recent. 2011 to Present anyway. Yes, I wear pink button-downed shirts (American Eagle lover here). Know what the saying is, "Tough Guys Wear Pink!" I support it