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Some of my plushies have names but most of them don't because I'm not very creative and I don't like the idea of just making a list to keep track of them anyway. To me, having to keep a list would sort of defeat the purpose of giving them names since if I don't find the plushies memorable enough to remember their name, why do I think they're special enough to get one? (That sounds horrible aww.) I may as well have named half of them with a descriptor anyway. DerpCherrim for the Jakks plush, FuzzyChu, ShinyChu, etc. XD; Not very good/original "names" though.

I don't really collect plushies so much as Pokemon in general--the plushies I have are usually in my possession because I already collect everything I can of the Pokemon. (Missing from my photos is my display case where my figures all migrated to--they used to be interspersed around wherever I had my plushies on display so single collections of one Pokemon were more impressive. :P) But I do have a fair many of them that I added to my collection because I liked the plushie itself--for example: Hedwig, world's happiest Grimer, my ridiculous number of Shaymin because I like to pet them when I'm high on painkillers and I have a garden when there are three of them, and some of my Pikachu plushies. :>