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I may start on this challenge very soon, but I'm gonna do it differently.

I've been wanting to Lets Play a Pokemon game on my channel for some time now, except that they are all the same. Vanilla and basic. While there is nothing wrong with this, I want to do things differently. I've been looking for Hard Hacks of games, specifically Yellow, Crystal, Emerald. I.e. The same generation enhanced remakes.

Since the only one I may have any chance of finding is Emerald, I am gonna do challenges and I love the idea for yours.

Name: Brad
Ingame Name: Brad
Game: Yellow
Chosen Team:
I haven't decided yet.

About the team, once I catch the Pokemon am I stuck with them forever? I.e. My starter, then I catch a Pidgey then a Weedle. Would I be stuck with these? Or can I catch more to replace them? Ignoring the 3 HM Slaves of course.
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