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I'll always love The Simpsons no matter how old I am.

Username: Suicune™
Reason you wish to join this club: I'm a huge fan, got all the Seasons etc and I've been watching for many years.

Favourite Simpson family member?

I'd say Marge, even though I love the bunch Marge is simple yet she has quirks that make her lovable, her laugh is priceless, her voice and how she groans, her singing and it's just the little things really.

Favourite episode?

Tough question, it took time to get this one but I'd have to say Sweets and Sour Marge, it really shows off the Town and citizens of Springfield and it has whimsy to the episode the way they're attempting to get into the Duff World Records which then leads onto Marge trying to ban sugar which later results in Sugar withdrawal and smuggling the sugar back into the city etc. I just remember this episode standing out to me as one of the good episodes.

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