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Originally Posted by CarefulWetPaint View Post

I would have picked the piano myself as well >.<

Oh so do you play in a lot of bands/ensembles? And do marches as well! Thats pretty awesome, whats the biggest crowd youve ever played to??
I'm actually in my school's ensemble, jazz band, a honors ensemble outside of school, and the occasional festival ensemble when that time of the year rolls around. And marching band. Marching band's awesome.

Week of crash course in marching, and bam, we're off to our first game. Our shows are usually fun and changes from year to year. I think this year, the marching band at my school's going to do something called 'The Groove', so that'll be interesting to find out about.

We usually play to a packed house in our auditorium so... I guess a lot of people? :0