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[EDIT]: So after me being a huge idiot, not reading the rules of the level-ups, I must change my team-update a bit. So without further ado, here's the team update, as it should be!

Team Update!

On hand:

Wilson remained at Lv. 26.
No new moves learned.

Quillie rose to Lv. 25!
Ignored learning Defense Curl.

Slackey rose to Lv. 20!
Ignored learning Faint Attack.

Katam rose to Lv. 23!
Bubble was replaced with Aqua Ring.
Growl was replaced with Uproar.

In PC-Box:

Left at home:

Umber remained at Lv. 40.
No new moves learned.

Zard remained at Lv. 35.
No new moves learned.

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