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So due to my crappy router's restrictions, I can't seem to forward enough ports to properly host a TF2 server. What I figure is we can just join an empty server and play together. If you guys really want to keep it PC-only, we could votekick any randoms that enter.

I'm thinking 8PM EST? Unless some of you are over in Europe, in which case we'd have to host it much earlier. If you have issues with that time, please VM me.

Event will go on as long as there are people still willing to play. I have my friday night booked off for TF2. :D

The first map we'll play is some Dustbowl. I'm not sure if you guys want to play capture point or payload, though. Either works for me. If we want to switch servers from there (I'd love to play some cp_Badlands), we'll play it by ear and collectively migrate lol.

If anyone wants to add me on Steam, you can find me in the PC Group or just add me directly, my username is marzmayz.
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