Thread: [Gen V] Am I doing it right?
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I'm thankful to you, PlatinumDude as you've given me the best advice possible so far.

The Zoroark is supposed to be Timid, that was a burp up in my thought process. Thank you for pointing that out, I'll edit my post and fix it.

For the suggestions regarding Zoroark's moveset, I prefer Taunt over Nasty Plot. But that is dependant, I know what Taunt is capable of, and I'm certain I would be able to use it given Zoroark's speed.

But with Nasty Plot, can I reliably get that off without Zoroark going down? It's an incredibly frail Pokémon, after all.

Night Daze, that's what it's called. Thanks for correcting me. I don't think I'll be replacing that. It's a minor trade-off between attack and accuracy, and I trust my luck enough to keep it. Also, the potential accuracy lowering effect is more valuable than the flinch effect of Dark Pulse, in my personal opinion.

But especially, thank you for the Donphan suggestion. It fits in perfectly, and it eliminates the Stealth Rock problem that I had.

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