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Originally Posted by CarefulWetPaint View Post
Learn the drums! Then we will have a drummer! \o|/ That'd be fantastic! I thought there would have been a drummer who would have joined by now. Guess not :(

haha CUTIE!!! Do you play anything other then anime songs? Like main stream stuff?

Yeah i was meaning the Cello I think, that thing sounds epic

I have a friend who plays the drums, though she's not aware of Pokemon sites like this. Ehehe. A drummer will come, don't worry. :)

I can't believe that up to here, I'm called like that. :o Hmm, I'd say classical and pop...? Not really much because the only songs that I managed to completely cover was Katy Perry's Firework and a Filipino one; oh, and Minuet in G, though I don't think I played the whole version. I'm not really that familiar with all the genres...

Definitely the cello. Yes. <3

Originally Posted by Penatrait View Post
You should totally be my new bassist.
^^' I'm not that experienced, and I have issues with people. Kinda. xD