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Ahh I really do hope it is Trubbish, that'd be amazing. :3 Honestly I think her having a solely Kanto-based team is unlikely, mainly based on how much they developers seem to be focused on the new generation Pokemon being awesome and such. Trubbish has had barely any good press though (both Trubbish and Garbodor were even pretty derpy in their anime appearances) and I don't think the idea was for them to be hated this much, so I am certainly expecting a Trubbish or Garbodor on her team as a way of pumping some good vibes back into the two Pokemon.

Coincidentally, what do you guys think about how Poison types get portrayed in the anime? I think most of them get portrayed really badly tbh, they should be seen as interesting, unique and powerful Pokemon, but instead they always get derpy annoying roles whilst other Pokemon take over. D: