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Easiest Gym Leader you've beaten? How did you defeat him/her?
Roark! No matter which starter you chose, he was easy as heck. You either have a Grass/Water type to use, or you have a ridiculously fast monkey packing a Mach Punch, so I don't think he could ever pose much of a threat no matter what team you're using. His Cranidos (although awesome) is weak as hell, so it's a really easy Pokemon to send packing. And I believe his other Pokemon is a Geodude; there's not much to say about the very over-used Rock/Ground type other than "dead". So yeah, Roark is super easy :D

Also... AHHHHH GUYS CHEREN IS A NORMAL GYM LEADER IN B2W2 WHATTTTTTT. GDKLGDFL. WHO ELSE IS GOING TO BE A GYM LEADER NOW AHHH. *cough* So yeah, what the heck is going on with the Unova gym leaders - they're all being replaced! Who's going to end up being in the Unova 8? :o And what gym number will Cheren be! Ahh this is exciting! :D