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Originally Posted by RetroRoller View Post
Okay, so I'm following this tutorial and everything's fine. So I go to insert these Gym tiles and I think, oh, it's too big for the tileset, so I expand the tileset image in Paint, (I keep the same Horizontal dimension though), and insert the Gym and colour away. Once done, I insert it into A-Map, and the Gym shows up fine when I click to the correct palette. So I think "All right! I've FINALLY managed to inset a tile." I click the Save button and... it doesn't appear in the list of tiles you can use in game... In the builder, side bar thing... the sidebar to the right in A-Map (I forgot what it's called).

Is my Gym out of proportion or something? Should I have not expanded the tileset?

If you can help, thanks.

PS: Banjora, I inserted the palette colours manually in I-view and they just messed up the tile, blues would turn brown, etc.
NEVER expand the tileset dimensions, as it does nothing, as the ROM is set with pointers for tilesets. Unless you find a way to make the game recognise expanded tilesets, it's just a waste of space really, and so you must replace old tiles.

As for the PS, I have little knowledge of using Irfanview, so it was just all theory. If I decide to tile insert again (as I'm on semi-retirement), I may look into it.

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