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Which water-type Pokemon do you think needs a new evolution? (baby form or third stage?)

In all seriousness putting cute ideas aside, I'd love to see an evolution for Floatzel. Possible a baby form too, but I'm not sure that's as vital. I just see Floatzel as a Pokemon with huge untapped potential and it should certainly be able to reach this level in my mind! It has a moveset/build mainly focused around using somewhat direct moves, including the move Aqua Jet which was designed for the Buizel family, so I think they really should be able to put this to better use. Maybe a bulkier stronger evolution would be good for Floatzel? Possibly even a smaller, thinner, faster evolution that'd properly be able to utilize the types of moves Floatzel receives, but for now I'm wanting a bulkier powerhouse. :3 I also want to see an evolution for Basculin, just so that I'll hate it a little less. xD