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YES!!! YES!!! YES!!! I DID IT: SHINY SPIRITOMB IS MINE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I GOT SHINY SPIRITOMB!!!!!!!!!!!! WHOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yes!!!! Shiny! Spiritomb!! Mine! Done! Yes! Victory!!!


I got it - shiny Spiritomb!! After 5976 SRs, Spiritomb number 5977 decided to shine!! Whoo-hoo! My first shiny since December 24th of last year!! Meaning my first shiny of 2012!!

I really wanted it to appear at night so I could catch it in a Dusk Ball (and it looks totally awesome at night!), and it did!!! Absolutely perfect.

Another shiny for my Ghost quest!


Quote originally posted by miloticfan54:
My third chained shiny

Quote originally posted by Latios Master:
May 1st marked 9 years of being a member of PC.
Wow, that's impressive!! Congratulations, Jamie Moyer! :cer_laugh:

Quote originally posted by miloticfan54:
Who will crack first? The Larvesta egg, me, or my DS's buttons...

Quote originally posted by AntiZero:
:O Jeez, it's been forever since I've been here. Anybody remember me? Page 742 was the last page I posted in.

So, G-Money, I'd like to be re-added to the list, if I may.
Welcome back, AntiZero! I remember you!

The list auto-updates itself now, which is pretty cool.

You can find it here, sorted by post count: and you can Ctrl + F and search your name!

Quote originally posted by blu3void:
Oh hey there. I'm a shiny hunter myself, and although I'm not currently hunting, I'd be happy to join this club.
I have two shinies: A shiny Hoothoot in Soul Silver, and a shiny Litwick in White, both random.
Welcome to the club!

Quote originally posted by Razer302:
In other news. git engaged so will soon be moving to america full time. to marry her

You definitely deserve to get Spiritomb really soon, and I hope mine is an omen that yours is in the really near future! Good luck!

Quote originally posted by Deithien:
Ill join!!
Not sure if you guys have caught them yet but I've got myself a shiny tentacool/tentacruel and a shiny zubat.
Currently hunting fifth gen shinies on black.
Random question; what methods do you use to encounter shinies? Do you stay on a single route or hunt all the areas where your target appears?
Welcome to the club! I usually stay on the same route and encounter the same groups of Pokemon, since I'm usually looking for a specific one. Soft resetting is also a really popular form of shiny hunting: you save in front of a Pokemon you encounter once (like a starter or legendary), encounter/receive it, and if it isn't shiny you can hit Start + Select + L + R (Start + Select + A + B in third gen games) to reset your game so you can encounter it again.

My hunts:

3436 Eevee.
2121 Route 116 encounters.
Path of the Ghost: 12/18
Path of the Starter: 10/18

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