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Originally Posted by Jobrjo View Post
@myrrhman: Alright1 your down An impressive eat considering your Gengar's level.

One thing that worried me. To do this challenge, you are supposed to beat them consecutavily without loss. So, if you get killed at any point during the 4, you have to start of. No saving and then re-trying until you win. I'm led to this conclusion because mostly because of what you said~ "While most of the time I played on a GBA, for this video I recorded it using the Game Boy Player for the Gamecube so I could play on my TV. This was really hard actually, even though the Elite 4 was super-easy. Multiple times I got critical'd by Pidgeot and had to restart. On Arcanine, I can only OHKO him if I get a critical hit. I had to keep restarting every time I didn't, since he OHKO's me with Flamethrower. One time I beat him, and then Blastoise used Rain Dance before he ran out of Hydro Pumps so I lost."
You mentioned losing a restarting. By restarting, do you mean starting from the 1st member all over again, or re-starting from a saved point?
Please be honest.
Anyhow, your Sapphire run is passed through. But, did you hack-in the weedle? Or trade it. "It would've, but in Emerald the game won't let me trade in a Weedle egg." Leads me to believe you hacked it in. Please verify, thanks!
I didn't realize saving and restarting between members was not allowed. That is what I did. I didn't hack in either Weedle. The point of that comment was that in Emerald, there are trade restrictions. In Emerald you can't trade in a non-Hoenn pokemon until after the league. In Ruby/Sapphire you can. So, I traded an egg into Sapphire right at the start of the game. The Sapphire Weedle is actually a son of the LeafGreen Weedle.