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So, FINALLY, after many months I get to play the beta!

I'm now just before facing the 3rd gym........actually I tried to face it but the gym leader kicked my butt to the skies!XD

Here's some feedback!

I was actually pleasantly surprised by the story line and the work you have done with the scripting!

It saddens me that not so many people post in this thread!(then again, not that many people are in this forum anymore as they used to be)

Maybe they are not so fond of 2nd generation hacks!

Of course, this cannot compete (yet) with Coolboyman's hacks but it's still a good silver hack which is hard to find!

Spoiler alert!


#1 Intro

Which there's none!

No intro video, no title at all!

But considering this is still beta, I kinda expected to be no intro yet!

#2 Unnecessary text

As some people pointed out, SOME of the text is boring and Oak talks for ever!

I don't mind when the developer introduces his hack

but school???

Even on Saturday for that matter?(the day I started playing the hack)

People don't wanna listen about School, they hate it!

But I do like the Eevee script!

#3 Bulbasaur

This..I don't hate!

I like how you have to train in order to not only get a new pokemon but also to proceed further into the game, although I find too convenient that someone would give away a rare pokemon as Bulbasaur is, so easily ( well, actually you do have to win her in a battle me there)

The only two issues I have with this are the following

a: Nothing too serious but every time you visit her after the first, she keeps repeating the same thing about that you have to win her in a battle etc.

There is no need for the repetitiveness!

After the first time, she should simple say "Ready to battle me?" or something like that!

b: When I finally beat her, I noticed this!

The Bulbasaur I faced was a female but the Bulbasaur she gave me was a male!

I tried to repeat the "bug" just to make sure!

I know that this has to do with how the engine works!

I'm not sure if you can somehow fix it, again it's nothing too serious but it's still kinda confusing!

#4 Storyline

So, I have just gotten Bulbasaur and then it hit me that I still had to go to Saturday School!

I was pissed!XD

I was walking towards Oak's office thinking that I would have to pass 10 more minutes of boring text about School, studying and scolding about being late!

I start talking with him and then....


I was hit in the face with a grand atomic bomb of story line goodness!

Crysis, Elemental Orbs, a human "nakama" to accompany you during the journey, this started to feel like a final fantasy rpg!

Oh w8....

Holy freak, that's some funny stuff!

My only objection is...

The entire planet?

What the freak, Oak?

Isn't this a task too dangerous to entrust two little kids with?

One kid exploring two entire regions, battling other dangerous creatures that could kill it anytime and facing off an entire criminal organization is perfectly fine but two kids having to explore the entire planet for some stones (or orbs, whatever) is just going too far!

#5 Metapod

What the freak?

#6 Cave

Realistic I see!

Nice idea and very original obstacle, I say!

#7 gyms, HMs, and pokemon through trade

I like the fact that this time your objective isn't the badges but something entirely different, the elemental orbs!

But what about the gyms then?

It's not so the fact that they serve little to no purpose now other than getting a few items and progressing the game (the usual "Come back here later" thingy) but how are we gonna be able to use HMs and pokemon through trade now?

#8 Key

Speaking of gyms, I had an issue with the 2nd gym!

The main problem is that it's too hard to figure out how to progress!

After searching the entire areas that I had explored up to that point for a clue,I figured out that the way to proceed was through defeating the gym and that the key for it was hidden somewhere in the map and you had to find it with Itemfinder!

After mindlessly using the Itemfinder all over Little Stone town, I finally found it!

Here's the my opinion a hidden item needed to progress should only be necessary for side quests, not for the main story!

In others rgps you can find a hidden item sparkling into a corner even if it's not actually visible or sometimes you have to find a certain clue or you have to beat a puzzle, but here the only clue we have is this!

#9 Stairs

I like the automated stairs!

Pretty original idea!

#10 trainer script

I didn't see that coming!

I didn't know you could make a wondering npc actually be able to battle you!

Good job!

#11 Shop

At first this was creepy since there was no sound!

But the goon threatening the shopkeeper is a far better script than rocket grunts holding guard on the doors all over Goldenrod City's buildings!

#12 Darkness Script

So, we finally see Oscar again...oh w8, who is that coming?

Oh, he has only one pokemon, that shouldn't be so tou...


Jokes aside, I literally freaked out when I first saw his pokemon!

My first thought was "Oh no, Miksy91 has gone again "Pokemon Ultimate End" all over our @$$es!"

That is until I saw that I didn't white out after I lost and I realized that you are supposed to lose!(and yet, freaking useless Oscar did nothing the entire time other than taking a nap into the corner as his friend got beaten to a pulp)

Now, I have to say that I actually like the idea!

Pretty innovating when compared to other pokemon games, here the protagonist sees that he isn't invincible and will probably realize that in order to succeed he will have to work harder!

#13 Portal

Ok, for a pokemon game this is original but.......pretty random!

Way too convenient I think!

It sorta reminds me of Kingdom Hearts where the protagonists find a book that leads into Winnie the Pooh bear's world!

Where you inspired from that?

Either way, I like the idea!

And...that's all for now!

I do have some other things I want to address and there might be some things I forgot but I will leave it at this for now!

Overall, this hack looks promising so far!

I will edit or make another post later some other time or day!
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