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Originally Posted by double trouble! View Post
Fizz is definitely worth it.
However, his early game is a bit weak.
As you get more items, he becomes a killing machine.
I can't pull off a 25 kill game with any other champion atm.
At 1st, you need to have durability runes. Armor seals and Magic Resist Glyphs plus Magic penetration marks and ability power for quintensenses(i forgot the spelling). This could help you control lanes. Sorcerer's shoes for bonus magic penetration plus zonyas hourglass for armor.

I have to agree Fizz is overpowered like Malzahar. It's crazy, high mobility plus loadful of tricks.

Originally Posted by double trouble! View Post
Oh well, a week isn't enough
I want to keep playing him.

Also... >Mordekaiser
I'm afraid I'll lose whenever I see one on my team.
Mordekaiser has been nerfed many times. I can 1 on 1 with Volibear as my champion.

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