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Hey, destinedjagold. I also have a problem. Apparently, when I went to Chaomega for the first ruby destiny piece, my bag was full. However, I did not realize that and went on to get the other seven. Once I had gotten all the purbeck, I was still surprised to see that the destiny pieces had no slot place in my bag while the others here had. Now I'm in a dilemma. I have all the pieces but my bag was full so I 'don't' have the destiny pieces. And now Chaomega is saying the same thing about timelines and reality and stuff. But I can't do the quests to get the pieces again (I think) so what should I do. Fyi, I use a Gameboid (for Android) and I have giratina and felinar and devihel and stuff
I defeated Joseph. Plzzzz help!