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Originally Posted by wombateiro View Post
- if it wasn't canon both Steven and Wallace would appear in Corocoro being labeled as Champions, but only Steven appeared. It also most likely indicates that B2/W2 take place before R/S/E.
Assuming remakes are canon, which they most likely are:

R/S/E occurs before HG/SS (confirmed by Steven referencing the Hoenn protagonists)
HG/SS occurs concurrently with D/P/Pt (Red Gyarados news report and various other hints)
D/P/Pt occurs before B/W (confirmed by Cynthia referencing the Sinnoh protagonists)
B/W occurs before B2/W2 (direct sequels)

Therefore, R/S/E occurs before B2/W2. As for the Wallace argument, he didn't appear as a gym leader either.
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