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I was using the Poké Transfer on Route 15 today (a typical event for me) and made a connection relevant to Black 2 and White 2 that previously escaped me. The main scientist at the lab (the one who conducts the transfers personally) always says something along the lines of "the machine is nearly complete" or something like that. At any rate, he makes it abundantly clear that the Poké Transfer system is not yet perfected.

"But how could that be?" my past self wondered, "Poké Transfer does everything the Pal Park did last Gen." Then I caught myself. As you, the reader, likely know, we are unable to transfer Pokémon that are holding held items as of this moment. Perhaps that improvement the scientist was insinuating is the ability to transfer items. Which means, after 2 years, that scientist should have finished with that improvement, allowing us to transfer all of those items that previously went nontransferable. As almost all the Event berries have gone unreleased so far, this would be a warmly welcomed upgrade.

There is but one complication that I see: the impossibility of the transfer of TMs. Due to the perpetual nature of TMs in the 5th Gen and the absence of certain TMs from the 4th Gen, it wouldn't make sense that TMs could be transferred. However, that is hardly a problem at all: rather than allowing no Pokemon who hold an item to be transferred, the game can be designed so no Pokemon holding a TM can be transferred, while the rest are free to go.

So what are your opinions? Do you care if items will be able to be transferred? Do you agree with my logic? Discuss.
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