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First thing is first - good luck trying to find a video because all links to it are being blocked and made Japan only. So are rehosted efforts of it, so don't count on seeing it.

edit: someone just linked me so enjoy if it's still viwable when I post!

Lucily someone posted the link on sppf to the video before it had been properly blocked, so a few of us who clicked it early enough (including me) got to see it before it was blocked. It's basically a anime-style video of scenes that seem will be in the game (idk how accurate they will turn out to be, but one can assume it's possible some aspects of the game are in that video). It's also decently animated and seemingly by some different studio.

Have this rough summary of what happens too if you cannot see.
- N is walking, has some pendulum thing, looks pretty much the same. Is standing on the top of some ruins (dragon spiral tower?)
- Game logo
- male protagonist andrival have a race to viewing platform while unfitting electric music plays
- they meet older bianca who sounds very kawaii desu~ (=p) and holds box with starter Pokemon
- protagonist is listning to scientist guy (Akuroma) talking as his lucario watches. Akuroma has a magneton next to him
- huge stage, maybe gym battle or something with elesa who has a new outfit
- protagonist, rival and Cheren (who has final form of lillipup) are on a boat surrounded by evil team (plasma with new look?), one woman who seems to be a leader of some sort has a seviper and a ninja-esque outfit. cool battling proceeds. Rival had water type starter, protagonist fire type so that deal remains the same
- protagonist and lucario chase ninja girl, but to no avail
- shadow tirad show up on giant ice block and talk before escaping
- two kyurem forms are battling
- logos!
So gist - N is in it, shadow tirad is too, cheren does stuff as does rival with you against evil teams on a boat.
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