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Quote originally posted by Flame-Typhlosion:
Man,inactivity for a long time sucks. I didn't even get to meet the new members! As for the topic...

I would like a water psychic type. It could mess up the balance of the starters,so maybe we could have a grass dark? They both take 4 times the damage,so do we need a fire ghost? There is already litwick and so on....Now I'M confused! As for the other topic,fire ghost.

Also,Twiggy,could i evolve my shiny turtle?
Sure, why not?

Time to redo all statistics... hoo boy!

Might as well as add in more members, and I think I can't be bothered to do micromanagement of stuff. Guess I might have to cut the points system in its entirety. Hope that doesn't happen too soon.
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