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Originally Posted by SwiftSign View Post

Totally agree with this! I haven't bought any of the DLC because I feel like it's such a rip off :/ It's not even like they released them to expand the world after people had finished - since the first lot was released so soon after the game. If the Lightning/Snow one does actually have a definitive ending I will be kind of gutted, although I thought the normal ending was actually quite good.
Apparently they do not have definitive endings so the only person I know who actually bought them thinks there will be a FFXIII-3. I don't know what to feel about this.

I hated the ending.
Everyone dies out of nowhere, they don't explain what's going on, and they drop you a cliffhanger with "to be continued". Then you run around collecting all the Paradox Endings and the only extra scene you get hints that Etro (was that the name of the goddess?) isn't actually dead and offers NO closure. And apparently the Snow DLC doesn't even explain what his new focus is all about? x_X If there's one thing I expected from these, it was closure on at least some of the things in the game, if not the whole thing.

Definitely not buying them.

Originally Posted by コナンくん View Post
Good news: Kingdom Hearts 3D[Dream Drop Distance]: Mark of Mastery Edition.
  • Kingdom Hearts 3D[Dream Drop Distance] Game
  • Set of 5 AR cards that unlock rare Dream Eaters and more
  • Set of 12 art cards reflection the exciting history of the series
  • Special KINGDOM HEARTS-branded Nintendo 3DS protector Case

It;'s 54.99 (from what someone told me). Since Japan got around 100+ dollar but it had KH3D, KHdays, and KHCoded with the Art Cards, and Protective case, and such. We aren't getting the games but Kh3D, and we are getting 5 dream eater ar cards, which japan got 2 in the game (frist print), and the special edition, and the 3DS bundle edition in Japan.

I wasn't going to pick up the English version at all but I'll definitely be pre-ordering this. I can pawn off my English copy to one of my friends but I'm sooo glad I can get all the extras that came with the 10th Anniversary collection in Japan for a fraction of the price and I won't have to buy Re:Coded again! \o/ YES!

(I mainly just want that cover, unf.)