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Raike Destan:Human District

Raike groaned as Venius revealed himself to be his stylist, putting a gloved hand to his temple and massaging it slowly. He decided to dismiss the subject with a small wave of his hand. Reaching out over the table he took hold of a platter that held the omelettes and pulled it over to himself calmly. Instead of shoveling one of the omelettes onto my plate he began to cut up 2 omelettes until they were both just a collection of bite-sized rectangles. With his fork, he impaled 4 rectangles and lifted them to his mouth, chewing for a moment and swallowing them quickly. Suddenly his eyes lit, and his hands, the fork, and the knife became a blur as he quickly devoured the rest off the omelettes, not even allowing Venius a chance to take even one.

When he was finished he took a napkin and wiped his mouth neatly, and just like the previous day, there was not one piece of egg on the table or floor. He then put down the napkin and took a long drink of water. Setting it down, he propped one elbow on the table and rested his head on a fist, looking sideways at the god.-

"Well, I think my manners will defiantly get ALL the goddesses jumping all over me huh? I, and you if you researched me at all, know that my lifestyle was nothing to brag about, and don't think that I'm going to be giving away my strategies to that audience, unless you want me to lie to them. Really I make things up as I go, its how I roll, and look where it got me, I'm alive, well, handsome, and I know how to survive almost anywhere really. I am adept at magics, my element being fire, and I am much stronger and smarter than I look, I don't mean to toot my own horn but, well." He makes an imitation of a truck driver pulling the lever for his horn, and shrugged his shoulders casually in a carefree manner.
"That whole not taunting Ryuu, well its not quite as tempting as you may think, if I do it or not he already wants to fight me, doing it will probably only make him more reckless or something. I don't have any kind of alliance right now with any of the other prisoners, like I said I'm not exactly the most likable guy."Nothing on his body or in his voice betrayed the lie he told, but he was told to keep his only alliance a secret, as well as the existence of Mammon. Before this little train of thought ran through his mind, he blocked his mind completely with titanium defenses, a technique his previous late master had taught him. "As for that "good" part I'm not so sure flipping off your entire district is a good thing to do, and I know their going to be playing that selection video so don't try to tell me they wont. The confidence and carefree parts I definitely got covered, as well as the whole bad boy attitude thing. And now the thing I want to know is how exactly you plan to be changing my attire."A flash of mild annoyance flared in his eyes. "Remember, nothing fruity."
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