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I figured since the Triad was being discussed in three different threads, it might as well have one of its own (so the others can stick to being what it was made for u_u)!

Based on the promo trailer, it appeared as though the Shadow Triad was completing a mission they were assigned. In Black and White, the Shadow Triad didn't have much of a large role in the larger scheme of things. However, it appears as though Black 2 and White 2 is going to fix that.

So what do you think about the Shadow Triad appearing in Unova once again?

What roles do you want to see them play? Any ideas on what missions they may be sent out to complete?

What side do you think the Shadow Triad is on (Team Plasma, N, Ghetsis, Akuroma, or even on their own)?

Do they creep you out like they do to me?

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