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Originally Posted by SwiftSign View Post

I haven't done all the Paradox endings but I was under the impression (I think from an interview or something?) that the final ending is the 'true' ending and that there will be no sequel.

The 'To Be Continued' thing is likely in reference to the paradox events / DLC rather than the story itself. Depending on when Versus is set it could also be referenced then? I would rather not have XIII-3. Ivalice was much better than Pulse/Cocoon.
I'm pretty sure they said somewhere that they didn't really have plans for a XIII-3 which is why I assumed the DLC had to finish everything up.

I'd be okay with the ending if they hadn't tossed that "to be continued" in.
Well, okay, no, I wouldn't be okay with the ending. That is just depressing. Lightning is annoyingly stubborn when it comes to Serah. There's no way she's just lay down her arms and sit around if she knew something would happen to Serah if everything was fixed. Maybe that's all that's explained . But I'm pretty sure right at the end when Serah sees the changed future and dies because of it, it's implied that it's because the future changed again, so she's seeing a new future rather than the one that's supposed to be.

Unless that's just how I choose to interpret it because it's kind of depressing to go through the whole game just to have everyone die at the end. :(

Originally Posted by CarefulWetPaint View Post
And are you guys actually saying that FXIII didn't have a real ending that made you feel like the game was complete!@!@! Thats ridiculous! Whats the point of a game that has no real ending!?
Well, plenty of games don't really have endings, but it's just rarely RPGs with heavy story. :P I'd have expected this from FFXIII since I never felt its story was very strong, but XIII-2 handled things so much better all the way up to the end. I just felt the end was very inappropriate/unfitting given the rest of the game.