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:/ If you have a problem with the infraction, I'd be happy to talk to you about it via PM. But so long as we're keeping it vague and in public, I feel that if your PM was disrespectful enough to be reported by the recipient, it deserved an infraction. What you said was not polite and no matter who you said it about, I'd have given you an infraction over a warning. If people have gotten away with worse in the past, it's either because the post went unnoticed and unreported or the staff member may interpret the rules more loosely than I do.

As I said in the infraction PM, if you're going to say something on PC itself (using our servers), you have to follow the rules, even if it's to someone in private via VM or PM. If you want to keep things 100% between you and the other person and don't want to deal with possible repercussions for saying those kinds of things, keep it on twitter or IM.

But again, if you want to argue your case in more detail, feel free to PM me about it.
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