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Quote originally posted by Griffinbane:
Wait, what, no. Your pokemon's nicknames can only be changed by the original trainer, meaning the game where they came from. You're stuck with the names, sorry to say. You can TRY, but I doubt it'll be possible. The pokemon's caught/hatched thing is still there and other stuff as well.

Well, I'd be essentially "tricking" the game into thinking I am the original trainer. I've always assumed that the game only checks the ID/SID combo since there is only about a 1 in 4 billion chance that they will be the same from game to game. This article on Bulbapedia (which I found while looking up the above statistic :P ) also supports that notion. I know it works in games within a generation, but I want to know if it works on migrated Pokémon as well.

Quote originally posted by Sydian:
If you do that, it likely won't pass for legality checks.
Why not?