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hey, first off I love the game, long time player and this is like just amazing, I LOVE the side-quests!

anyway, I played through and I think how you made the beginning was just great, hilarious dialogue, you play through and nearly everything you need to know is shown to you so you get the hang of it, and I love how you changed the pricing on the houses, before I would never get a house until I got TNT.

However, there are some glitches, (i wont mention cid becoming buckeye, or in scenes when random pictures of someone else show when they aren't talking) when you get to Ventus (i think) city, there's a guy in his flower patch who needs you to fight bug Pokemon, and if you lose (for me) i ended up back at the PC in the town, but he kept talking like he was in front of me, and the side quest continued whether or not you won the battle or not, I'm not sure if this was intended but throwing it out there, 2nd, when you get to route 5, you meet that girl (crystal) and you talk but you say you have 2 badges whether or not you actually do, a cool thing would be not allow you to get there until you beat the gym leader, like how in Pokemon red/blue, you couldn't go on until you beat Brock, something to that nature could fix it, 3rd, after you get the 2nd gym badge you meet your rival and he says "bades" when he meant badges, again, not major just a little thing.

*also, when you first meet "M" if you interact with something there you end up in a sea of glitch and you're stuck there, there's nothing you can do, again, iunno if this is intended I'm just mentioning it*

again, I love what you have done, I'm just mentioning things to try and make it better, I can't wait til this is finally complete!
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