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Originally Posted by Cid View Post
I WANT TO REPLY to Lightning's wall of text. I just need time. D:
I know that feel.
It's also in most of the KH wikis, even in IMDb so it's been a really huge rumor. I actually sat through the whole Anime Conji 2012 interview, caught him saying that. I really think he was only referring to BBS. He doesn't sound like YMX in the KH3D trailer at all. It would be a surprise if it really was him.

Honestly though YMX didn't sound that good.
Actually, KH Insider is saying Benjamin Diskin might be YMX. (Apparently you can't link to specific news articles there but should be on the front page, still. I have no idea who this guy is. XD;
I heard the normal ending was horrible. It just paved way for DLCs and cemented the fact that most of FFXIII-2 was just a pile of scraps from all the "This feature will be unlocked by an upcoming DLC." or something. And I hear the last DLC has an even worse ending. D:
Even worse? I haven't really heard much about the endings for the new DLC except that they don't finish off the story like I expected they would. I'm so not buying them, though, so I should really just look them up on Youtube tomorrow.
That was quite expected. Not that anyone would buy all the DLC that probably sums up to almost twice the price of the game itself.
Yeah, one friend I have who's been keeping up with all the DLC religiously says he's spent about as much on that as he did on his collector's edition of the game. And that thing ain't cheap. :P
It's sad because I actually liked FFXIII's battle system. It almost looked as if they improved it in the sequel.
Honestly, if you liked XIII's battle system, XIII-2 is worth the money. It's pretty cheap now (I've seen it $15 used some places) and the battle system is just amazing. It takes everything that was good in XIII and improves it and everything that fell short (no switching party leader in battle, having to wait so long to go wherever you want in the crystarium, etc.) has been fixed. The game itself is a lot more open and engaging plot-wise. It had a disappointing ending, for sure, but getting there was so satisfying. :x