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Quote originally posted by Koala_strike:
i would like totodile, charmander, and eevee. And i would give you 3 out of any of pokemons below. i can level them higher if you need.
-darmanitan(zen mode and male) level 35
-Simisage (female) level 33
-Tirtouga (male) level 25
-Haxorus (male) level 67
-Gyarados (female) level 59

I already have all those pokemon, so if you have any random pokemon you don't use, i'd be just as happy to still trade you the totodile, charmander, and eevee

Quote originally posted by Gho5t:
I'd like Murkrow (Male) And I'll give you a lvl.61 Braviary (Male) I Think Thats A Fair Trade :D
Its a deal, but i'd take something else, if you care about that braviary I'm willing to trade away pokemon for nothing, when their ones that i can just breed and get easily

Quote originally posted by jerichob10:
Hi, could i have a bubasaur, charmander and squirtle? And what do you want for them? i dont have much in pokemon black right now but if you need anything i can try and get it

Its ok, you can just catch random pokemon to trade me, and I'll trade those three to you
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