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Pokémon: Skarmory
Nickname: Skarmorrison
Shiny: Yes
Gender: Female
Nature: The badassest of natures. (whichever +def -spatk)
Ability: Sturdy if possible
IVs: As Awesome As Possible
Hatch Location: Fallarbor Town.......except not....idk somewhere cool
Egg Moves: Drill Peck, Assurance
Generation: 5
ya sur babe xoxo Skarmorrison doesn't fit though. IM me a different name or something.

Pokémon: Shroomish
Shiny: Yes
Gender: don't mind, both are fine
Nature: Adamant (that's good for a Shroomish, right?)
Ability: Effect Spore
IVs: don't matter, whatever is fine
Hatch Location: Anywhere
Egg Moves: False Swipe
Sorry, me and Mac are both full. :( If you'd like, it'll go in my list of things to do right after I finish the Porygon bp, only if you let me do Poison Heal as the ability though. It's more ideal for Breloom. This is gen V right? You didn't specify.
darlin' all i know are sad songs
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