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More randomness from me :D
Short cover of 'Give a Reason' from The Slayers (one of my fav anime). I love this song way too much. XD Sorry for the random beeps. I had a fire alarm thingy that was low on batteries when i recorded it.
A request gift for a cutesy version of this song. I was really sick singing it. AND you can tell haha.
A song I cant sing cause its too powerful and I was too sick at the time to sing anymore than this much of it on that day. It sounds horrible but I love this song.
Random messing around that started off good and got worse because yeah lol
;;; This was something someone dared me to do. But it has singing in it if you listen for a bit. Sorry for the randomness in it ;;; You can hear my soft voice better because its a capella. (I have no clue how to sing that song, gais, so sorry if its really bad/wrong).
Very short thing....I don't know this song either and I stumble over words, and then my breathing started getting bad by the end so it all fell apart. But I get an A for effort. Or would that be an E ........
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