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Episode 7: Pursuit

"RUN!!!" Whitlea called as she and Lyra sped away, the fear of Thana catching them enhanced by the purple aura surrounding them.

Blair eased himself to his feet and hurried after the girls, the spell giving him newfound strength. Behind him, Thana was in hot pursuit, only she was floating only slightly above the ground. That made her equal in speed to him, even though he and the girls were under a spell that granted them speed.

He charged a ball of light in his hands as he raced to keep up with his companions. "A flash of lightning cuts through the night, come forth from my hand and show me thy might! White Lightning!"

Thana's scream of pain went unheard through the bustling crowd of the nearby marketplace, but the spell bought Blair enough time to run to the archway that marked the entrance to the market district.

"Are you okay?" Lyra asked as the haste spell flickered away. "I heard a scream before you arrived..."

"I cast a lightning spell to stun the vampire, making her scream in pain." Blair explained. "I hope to Anima it will be strong enough to hold her for a while..."

A familiar voice got their attention. "I call on the powers of the basilisk! Shoot forth the evil look!" The crowds gasped as a red light flew into a flock of Mareeps, turning them to stone!

"There she is!" Lyra gasped as she spotted Thana racing to catch up with them.

"Hah!" Whitlea cut a few barrels of Leppa Berries free from a cart, making it harder for Thana to levitate, much less run, through the cascading Berries rumbling down the road. The group, meanwhile, wove through the various stalls and crowds, looking back to be sure the vampire was not still chasing them.

"Lyra, do you know any spellsongs that obscures someone's view?" Blair asked before jumping out of the way of a falling stall.

"Yes, why?" Lyra asked as she crawled out of the destroyed stall's awning.

"We still have company!" Tane cried as she spotted Thana approaching them on the road.

Lyra swallowed hard as Whitlea led the way to a storage warehouse at the edge of an alleyway. "I'm not very good at this one, but I can try it..." She dug out her harp from her bag, played a tense chord, and sang Rou eniya yassa tere....

A thick cloud of mist sprayed in Thana's face as she ran, but by the time she reached the warehouse, Blair, Whitlea, Lyra, and the Pokemon were nowhere to be found.

Inside the warehouse, the three companions heaved sighs of relief that they were safe. "We lost her..." Kawa wheezed as he slumped against a box.

"Yes, we may have lost the vampire for now, but Anima knows how long it will be before she finds us in here." Whitlea agreed. "We need to come up with a plan in case she finds us in here."

"Well, let's see what this place is used to store..." Tane hopped on top of a box and opened it, revealing a colorful array of firecrackers inside. "What do you know? This is a fireworks warehouse!"

"Most likely to store fireworks for festivals." Blair mused. "We can't set them all off in here--as that would destroy this place and take us with it."

"Perhaps if we found the largest firework in here, we could set it off." Kawa suggested. "It would probably have a long fuse, which would allow us to escape before it exploded.

Lyra smiled. "Kawa, you're a genius! But...what does the largest firework look like?"

A box marked "Glitterious Light Dragon" got Whitlea's attention. "You know, dragon fireworks are pretty large..."

"Worth a try." Lyra agreed. She helped Whitlea ease the giant blue rocket with a dragon's head top and paper wings to match from the box. After checking to see if Thana was not following them, she tiptoed out to an open area and carefully set the rocket inside the earthen floor, making sure to aim at the hole in the ceiling that served as one of the few light sources in the dark room.

"Okay..." Blair began as Lyra returned. "Once we hear the vampire, I will light the rocket. Lyra will then sing any invincibility spell she knows to protect us from the blast."

"I'm not very good with it yet, so it may not last very long." Lyra cautioned. "But it should last just long enough for us to escape out that tunnel that should lead to the forest outside of town."

Just then, Kawa heard the flutter of Zubat wings in the distance. "She's coming!"

Blair whispered an incantation to an ember spell, which danced and hissed their way to the rocket's fuse. He flashed a thumbs up to Lyra before rejoining his friends at a gaping hole at the bottom of the left wall.

Emyina nes chiel com yutuul... Lyra sang, making a glowing rainbow aura form around the group. Once sure her companions and the Pokemon were protected, they disappeared into the hidden tunnel to safety.

"Light mage, I know you're here..." Thana called as she scoured the warehouse for any sign of Blair and the others. "Come out and I may be more inclined to show you mercy..."

A red aura got her attention, but when she followed it to the center of the room, her triumphant look turned to horror as the last of the fuse went into the dragon rocket...

To Be Continued...
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