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Maxwell Leggingsteele
Academy Grounds ---> Oak Town

Win? Wait... Did Maxwell win the battle? Both of their Pokémon had been knocked out, but just seconds in between each other. To Maxwell that seemed like more of a draw than anything... He did, however, have a really good battle. Besides, he also got to see some more Unovian Bug-types in action!

"Yeah, I'm fine." Maxwell said to Genevieve with a smile, "No damage done apart from-"

"SLAKOTH, SLA!"[YOU NEARLY CRUSHED ME!] Slackey shouted from within Maxwell's hoodie. Hoo boy was the sloth gonna' be mad about this for some time...

"I'm sorry Slackey, but you kinda crept in the-"

[DON'T IMPLY THAT THIS IS MY FAULT!!!] came the answer. Maxwell shrugged and started to gently pet the Meowth that was brushing up against him. He smiled at it for a while and then got up on his feet again.

"Ty-Tym..."[Th-Thank you...] Katam said to Genevieve as she sprayed him with the Potion. As a sign that he liked her, the Tympole vibrated his cheeks somewhat. Although he had been healed by the Potion it didn't stop him from just limply sliding down from Maxwell's lap.
[Uuuurrr... I feel sick...] he said quietly.

Maxwell returned Katam to his Pokéball and put it into his pocket. Next up, he walked towards Nika, reaching his hand out for a handshake as he stopped before her.

"You know Nika? I'm glad that I got to battle you today. Not only did I have a really fun time, but I also got to see some Bug-types that I've only been able to read about in books before. It was both a good and close battle, and I thank you for it." he said. Now since he apoarently won, there was only one thing left to do.
"Okay Shinobi, are you ready for-" Maxwell didn't reach all the way to the sentence's finish because he saw that the place Shinobi sat in... was empty. Oh come on! How many times was that Weedle gonna' ditch him today?! Sigh...

Anyway, after Maxwell had thanked Nika for the battle, he returned to Genevieve.
"So," he began, "What interesting things have you been doing during the battle?"
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