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Originally Posted by Magmaruby and Aquasapphire View Post
Yeah, the manga seems to be hinting at the triad being the Shadow triad... the writer might know something we don't...
Or perhaps this whole thing is all misleading GF's way or tricking us again...but it'll be a waste of a good hint...
Perhaps the reason the triad didn't get the message on time was because Bianca couldn't find them...
The guide said something about Bianca going to get them, but they ended up not making it in time. Seeing as the guides are produced by the Pokemon Company now, I'd say that that's a credible statement.

Buuuut just because they said that, it doesn't mean that "not able to make it in time" meant they didn't show because of the whole Triad thing.

And on a sort of unrelated note, I guess this is the part where I admit I always thought the Shadow Triad were female. WHOOPS.