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Hello all! Much to tell you all.

First, welcome to everyone who has asked to join the Club, we are glad to haev you.

Second, congratulations to all members who have mad a new shiny catch!

Computer problems, mainly moving from dial up to high-speed required I get an updated computer. All is better now (and I run at 7 megs/second )

I come bearing a NEW SHINY! (sadly not one I was hunting) I am now the proud tamer of a very cute pink (male) Wooper. I've trained him into his 60's already, due to being AWOL for a few weeks. (?) I don't want to evolving him, too cute this way. I guess all I needed to find another was to come back to the Club. *hugs members* If I ever disappear for too long again, I want someone to come track me down and drag me back, because leaving is a stupid move.

As for the Slugma hatching, still nothing.

I've restarted both a copy of Leaf Green (a used second copy I just got this week), and Heart Gold, and am going through the plots of both. Seen nothing on either. I also have gotten a extra copy of Sapphire and Diamond when I got the Leaf Green, but haven't restarted either of them. So 3 more games in the collection to hunt on, yay!

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