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Since Sector seems to be busy at the moment, I'll just add you guys to the list.

ShadowStriatonTriad, you'll have to change the captured Pokémon to one of the typing which the gym leader you chose specializes in, so a Grass Pokémon in this case. Just VM either Sector Revenge or me with the Pokémon you want.

On the topic of Homika, I think she seems pretty cool. I'm really looking forward to seeing her team. We already know that she has a Koffing, but that's about it, though based on that, you can guess that she'll be one of the earlier gym leaders. I'm also hoping her team will be Kanto based, since she already has a Koffing, and since Kanto had some of my favourite Poison types, though a little Trubbish thrown in on the team wouldn't do any harm :D