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Originally Posted by pokemonranger109 View Post
Hey im gunna sign up with typhlosion
Johto and Kanto
already started before i saw thread and also im at goldenrod currently on

UPDATE' this is a large update
  • Started at New bark town
  • Got cyniquil
  • Got running shoes
  • Reached mr. pokemon
  • Went to battle my rival (I won)
  • Talked to police man
  • Pro. Elm told me to go to next city
  • went to sprout tower
  • Cyniquil Evolved after 3rd sage
  • Reached top and beat the Master Sage
  • won and recieved flash
  • Left beat Falkner
  • Went to ruins of alph
  • Battled 3 unknowns
  • left and went to union cave
  • made it to azala town where i Traded kevin24 for a pichu colored pichu,sent him to back of party for event
  • put him in box
  • Did slowpoke well Quest
  • Went to Bugsy and won
  • went to kurt to make a love ball
  • Did farfetch Quest
  • put pichu back in party did event for notched ear pichu(She's Babalicious)
  • put them in box
  • help kimono girl out
  • Got out off the woods
  • Currently in Daycare where Ethan talks to me (yes i choose a chick)
  • Made it into goldenrod
  • Saved and am here typing this in
  • Made it passed Goldenrod Gym Whitney and recieved badge
  • Got bike
  • Left to go to Eureake Town
  • Met Euisene
  • Made Entie,Riaku,And Suicune Run after i battled my Rival i think thats wen u battle him just going from memory here
  • beat grunt in the Dance hall
  • Went to the Moo-Moo farm
  • gave Moo-moo 3 oran berrys
  • went to olivine
  • Battled rival if not at Eureeke still off memory here
  • Evolved Quilava
  • Got to the top of light house
  • Went to Cainwood town
  • got medicine
  • Saw suicune
  • battled Euisene and won
  • Beat Chuck
  • Saved in the pokemon Center
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