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Quote originally posted by Olli97:
Since Sector seems to be busy at the moment, I'll just add you guys to the list.

Quote originally posted by Olli97:
On the topic of Homika, I think she seems pretty cool. I'm really looking forward to seeing her team. We already know that she has a Koffing, but that's about it, though based on that, you can guess that she'll be one of the earlier gym leaders. I'm also hoping her team will be Kanto based, since she already has a Koffing, and since Kanto had some of my favourite Poison types, though a little Trubbish thrown in on the team wouldn't do any harm :D
Ugh, I really don't like Trubbish, haha. But maybe it's inevitable that it's on her team. Koffing does imply that she's one of the early gym leaders, yeah. But Cheren has a Patrat so he has to be very early as well. And the Normal gym is... on the far side of the region, from where you start out in BW2. Maybe he's not in the same city as the old Normal type was? Not that I know too much about this, so I might be wrong overall.

Quote originally posted by Korsola:
I think her design is really cool and I love the whole "rocker" look. She looks cute in the toughest possible way.
Yeah, that was a good description! Cute in a tough way. I've seen some fanart of her that simply is cute :3

Quote originally posted by Cosmotone8:
Homika's psycho. XD
I like Cherens new Gym Leader outfit, but I still like the water gym leader the best. So far
Cheren looks cool in his new outfit, apart from his legs. So... strangely feminine in those pants xD I love his hair though. And the cute fact that he hasn't got glasses now, but Bianca does totally ships them together

I found lovely pics of Elesa's and Cheren's new looks.


And this new water guy... I honestly think he looks a little odd. Especially with his, um, fail tan. But he doesn't look as strange as Crasher Wake, so :D


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