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Originally Posted by Sector Revenge View Post
Was Sonic unintentionally suppose to be there or was he running away?
xD He was fighting Mario while they spotted Ganondorf killing Zelda lol
And yeah, he wasn't supposed to be there ._.


Yeah, I'd probably like to see Hades as a boss in SSB4, maybe attacking Pit in a cutscene first much like how Ridley chased and attacked Samus xD
I'd also like to see Tabuu make a sort of cameo or something since I had so much fun beating him or trying to capture him with a trophy especially on Insane mode xD

Btw, do you think the brawlers should talk in the cutscenes or remain mute and speechless while using sign languages? It's pretty amazing how they understood each other in Brawl just by nodding and looking each other in the eyes lol
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