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Originally Posted by Olli97 View Post
Well, I think I heard somewhere that Cheren is gonna be the first gym leader, and it fits well with the fact that he has a Patrat, so yeah, the Normal type gym is probably located elsewhere, closer to the start town. And with that, Homika probably has to be second gym leader, since she has a first stage Pokémon and all.

I'm not quite sure which number gym leader Elesa is, but looking at the B2W2 promo, the protagonist has some quite high leveled Pokémon, so I'm thinking between from fifth to eigth.
Well in a scan that Serebii had on their website showed that the basic badge is the first one that your character can obtain, so I'm certain that he is the first one. Plus, there are some rumors going around that Cheren might not even battle in a Gym (but don't take my word for it!).