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Originally Posted by Obesesniper93 View Post
Why are there tiers if you can go against an Uber team with a NU team??? lol.
What purpose do the tiers actually serve? to seperate the laid back battles from extreme trainers/collectors?
Well because that's kinda people's choice. A NU player can challenge an Ubers player if they really want, although they should keep in mind that ubers is a lot different to nu, and thus each team isn't prepared for the threats the other team is. However, if you're trying to ladder - then while a NU player can battle in ubers, an ubers player can't battle in nu because that's way too unfair for the nu players. Does that make sense? But yeah, tiers separate what is most commonly used/what is too broken etc, tiers don't separate the laid back battles - funnily enough most general battlers who don't play competitively are either in nu or ubers, because the most popular Pokemon, for example Charizard and Arceus, are in those tiers. However, to them it's not tiers - it's just battling. To the rest of us, it's tiers, so they don't really separate because tiers exist in both environments but they're not acknowledged in that. I really hope that made sense, lol. :x
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