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Quote originally posted by 徳清アキオ:
So, another Interest Check.

Who would be willing to join the Team Fortress Roleplay?

And YES, we do have a plot.

Not me, I've never played it and doubt I'll like it :3 doesn't mean it would be a bad RP though!

Quote originally posted by gunnerpow7:
Interest Check!

I decided to postpone the Adventure Time RP till further notice. The plot is a little tricky.

Anyways, I have an idea for a new Pokemon RP so please tell me if you would join it.

Also, if anybody ever heard of Terra Nova and watched it, you will know this storyline.

So what do you guys think?

Whooaa that sounds so cool. I heard of that, if it's where they go back to the dinosaur's time or something. I think it would be a bit weird setting to have something resembling a pokémon league though, since the most important thing for everyone there would be to, well, survive and build a new society rather than start battling immediately just for fun. Maybe the RP can take place some years after a new society - however primal - has been built up? Or maybe the RP can be about the dimension travelers exploring and uncovering things about their new home, rather than go around beating gyms?

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