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Ruby Sapphire Fiona Destiny - Power Plant

Kilik brought out his dewott. At that moment Yuki collapsed. "I'm sorry Ruby... I can't take any more..." Yuki said huffing. 'It's alright, you did well, take a nice rest.' Ruby called Yuki back, so that was a tie? Right now they both have 3 pokemon to go.

Dewott was a water pokemon, the most effective attacks would be electric and grass attacks, but none of her pokemon know these attacks. But Kaede has the attacks that ARE affective against Yaibe. Then it's his turn.

'Kaede! it's your turn!' Ruby called him out. This time it was an real Eevee. '(I'll try my best!)' Kaede said to her. 'I know you can.' Ruby replied.

Kaede knew six attacks, and our all of them Ruby told him to use bite.

Roxas Jaden Asakura - Power Plant

'T-thank you...' The girl said with a low voice and sniffed.

'Please don't cry, i can't take it when a lady cries.' Roxas smiled at her. 'Let's bring your pokemon to the Pokecenter.'

Roxas heard the boy saying something. 'Don't worry, not every trainer can control his Pokemon, i'm not blaming you for anything, but please try to stop them before they do horrible things again.' He said to the boy. 'I am Roxas, this is Obilivio.' He pointed at the Lucario.

Obilivio took a look at the boy and his pokemon. 'There's a girl somewhere in this Academy called "Ruby" she can understand pokemon.' Obilivio turned his back to him. 'She should be able to help your pokemon with his temper.' Obilivio started walking.

'Let's go.' Roxas took the girl's arm and followed Obilivio.
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