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Ribibin Triss

Ribibin kept her head low and listened to what Maverick said. When he mentioned Alice's "mission", Ribibin twitched a little. Did he know what she had done? She sounded to Ribibin like she hadn't told anyone but her. Maybe Maverick had been the one to give her the mission from the start? Or maybe... maybe Maverick only said that to avoid saying the truth. Maybe she would inquire the Commander about it later. The Council seemed to accept that Triss was the stand-in Knight-Commander and that made her both relieved and even more nervous. She hadn't expected this to be a long-term position.

Then Caedmon spoke up. He told the Council what happened in the enclave. Ribibin didn't look up at him even once. She kept kneeling in front of the might people she had always obeyed, and even if some small part of her wanted to help Caedmon... just maybe throw in that she could understand where he was coming from... but no. She wasn't even sure what she thought, and it wasn't worth risking her own neck for him. Or was it? Ah, conflicting thoughts. She really wasn't Knight-Commander material for real...
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